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OPEN WATER CLASS AND POOL PRIVATE The world's most popular scuba diving course

Learn to Scuba Dive


At Pan Aqua we have been offering the most thorough scuba training for over 30 years. Our courses are designed to help you develop and expand your interest so that you may enjoy this unique sport safely and competently. The following information will answer questions most frequently asked of our course.


Our normal training pool is closed but we've made arrangements to teach in another facility. You will have your own instructor to work with you. After completing the eLearning, you will meet with your instructor for a review session and equipment consultation and fitting.


Anyone 10 years of age or older is eligible for certification. The important factors to consider are good physical and emotional health.

In addition, there is a minimum water skill requirement of a 10 minute float and a 300 yard snorkel swim. We will give instruction in survival floating at the first session.


We will provide all the equipment for that class but you may want to take advantage of our student discounts and your instructor's knowledge to purchase your own equipment.

Course Cost

The course fee is $650 for one or $500 each for two.

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  Course Type   Price    
Open Water CW US$ 650.00