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OPEN WATER CLASS AND POOL The world's most popular scuba diving course

Learn to Scuba Dive


At Pan Aqua we have been offering the most thorough scuba training for over 30 years. Our courses are designed to help you develop and expand your interest so that you may enjoy this unique sport safely and competently. The following information will answer questions most frequently asked of our course.


Scuba training takes place in two parts. First is the classroom and pool portion which most people do before their Caribbean vacation so they can maximize their vacation time. Second is the "open water" certification portion which consists of four supervised scuba dives during which a scuba instructor will review your skills.

Upon successful completion of the course and four open water dives, an internationally recognized certification is given. The open water dives are conducted locally as weather permits. You may join us on one of our trips to more exotic locations or take a letter of referral to a dive destination of your choosing to complete the dives with a local instructor. Pan Aqua is happy to recommend and arrange dive travel for you.


Anyone 10 years of age or older is eligible for certification. The important factors to consider are good physical and emotional health.

In addition, there is a minimum water skill requirement of a 10 minute float and a 300 yard snorkel swim. We will give instruction in survival floating at the first session.


The most modern scuba equipment (complete regulator systems, computers, buoyancy jackets, wetsuits, tanks, and weights) is provided for your instruction. Additionally, we also provide you with mask, snorkel, fins.  However we do recommend students own their own mask, snorkel, and fins.  Students who purchase the full equipment package (mask, snorkel, boots, fins) from our store will recieve a $75 rebate on their gear pack as well as a free equipment bag.  A 10% discount will be applied to any of those items individually should a student not want to purchase the whole full package.  Also students who decide to do their academic work through PADI e-learning will recieve their e-learning educational pack (a $68 value) for free, complimentary from the store. Pan Aqua handles only top quality products at competitive prices, and we guarantee the quality and fit of our products.

Course Cost and Duration

The course fee is $399. We offer a Weekend Intensive Class, Midweek Intensive Class, a two week Mon & Wed Class, and a four Sunday Class


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