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Has it been awhile since you've been in the water? How old is your certification and where is it? PADI offers this online review of your diving knowledge and a new certification card once you pass the quick review test and review your aquatic skills in the pool. If not PADI certified complete the online reveiw and pool session and receive a recognition card.

Schedule a private session with one of our exceptional staff. We will provide everything you need. You only need to show up with a bathing suit and towel.

We have the Manhattan Plaza Health Club pool, junior olympic size with 12 foot depth, available several nights a week. Meet at Pan Aqua for the review quiz and then go upstairs to the pool to review your aquatic skills. You will leave with a renewed confidence in your diving skills and a new certification card.

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Pawel Kosarga

Review Test
to Sun 23 May 2021
Pan Aqua Diving
Pool Session
to Sun 23 May 2021

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